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Autism Awareness Month 2019


  • Weighted Washable Body Blanket

    Weighted Washable Body Blanket

    The weight of this large cozy blanket  enhances sensory integration and is filled with Non-toxic Poly Pellets ® to make it washable. Weighted Blankets are Non-Heatable.  Care Instructions: Wash by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle...

    $95.00 - $240.00
  • Rollerball Essential Oil Blends

    Rollerball Essential Oil Blends

    FOCUS: Encourages concentration and groundingTo Use: Roll onto ear lobes, chest, feet, pressure points, or simply inhale the aroma. Apply as needed.Ingredients: 100% Therapeutic Grade-Lavender, Atlas Cedarwood, Vetiver, Jojoba Oil and...

    $12.00 - $17.00
  • Weighted Washable Puppy Hugs

    Place Puppy Hugs on the shoulders for weighted therapy 5" x 21".  Non-heatable. Care Instructions: Wash by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Dry on low, or drip dry. Important Weighted Products Info - Click Here

    $34.00 - $38.00
  • Weighted Washable Kitty Kuddles

    Weighted Washable Kitty Kuddles

    Our Weighted Washable Kitty Kuddles snuggles purrfectly around upper back, neck and shoulders, or sits quietly in your lap. Makes a great friend when you need to relax. 5" x 21"  Weight 2 lbs. or 3 lbs. Non-heatable. Care Instructions: Wash...

    $34.00 - $38.00
  • Weighted Washable Lap Pad

    Weighted Washable Lap Pad

    Our laminated cotton fabric is lead free as well as PBA free. It is washable and may be wiped off with an antiseptic cleanser. This is greatly appreciated by care givers. Our new Lap Pad is offered  in a choice of 2, 3 or 4 pounds. 10" x...

    $54.00 - $61.00
  • Weighted Washable Body Shawl

    Weighted Washable Body Shawl

    Feels like a big hug. Filled with non-toxic Poly Pellets® for weight and washability, this snugly blanket may induce relaxation and calmness. Weight 5lb (2.27kg); Dimensions 20x28" (51x71cm); Unscented. Non-Heatable. Care Instructions: Wash by...

    $68.00 - $71.00
  • Fidget Pocket Pets

    Fidget Pocket Pets

    Keeps Fidgety Hands BusyPocket SizeSoft and SquishyWashableApprox 4" x 4" Care Instructions: Wash by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Dry on low, or drip dry.

  • Weighted Washable Snuggle Snake - Now in Plush Fabric (top) Weighted Washable Snuggle Snake

    Weighted Washable Snuggle Snake

    The sensory weighted snake provides a gentle weight which helps to facilitate proprioceptive input as it wraps snuggly around the upper shoulder area. The fun design and cute fabric makes this snake a perfect pal to have during school...

  • Weighted Washable Dolphin Wrap

    Our snuggable Dolphin Wrap may just become your new best friend. He wraps quite comfortably around shoulders and neck to help soothe tensions and worries. 8" x 22" Fleece top with flannel bottom. Safety eyes.  Non-heatable. Care...

  • Weighted Washable Teddy Bear

    Weighted Washable Teddy Bear

    Our big, brown, huggable bear is filled with poly-pellets for weight and washability. At a healthy bear weight of five pounds, he may provide calming, sensory benefits for your child. Weight 5lb (2.27kg); Dimensions 16"x19" (41x48cm). Unscented...

  • Weighted Washable Vest Weighted Vest for Kids

    Weighted Vest / Cape - Washable

    Our unique design offers an easy on and off adaptability.The weight stays within symetric quilt like squares for comfort, easy application and reduction of bulkiness.Our Cotton Laminate fabric allows for quick and through cleaning within the hospital,...

    $65.00 - $150.00