Cool Weather Must-Haves

  • Nor'easter Scarf Adult

    Nor'easter Scarf Adult

    Our Nor'easter Scarf will protect you from the cold and chill of nasty weather. Microwave for just 60 seconds and wrap yourself in warmth. Perfect for that early morning walk, the ride to the office on those chilly mornings, or just sitting around the...

  • Nor'easter Scarf Child

    Nor'easter Scarf Child

    Recess, snow days, ice-skating, bus stop... the Nor'easter Scarf is what your child needs to keep out the chill and stay cozy warm. Microwave for 60 seconds so your child can enjoy the soothing warmth while enjoying outdoor activities. Pleasant aromatic...

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    The Mitten Shirt - Blue The Mitten Shirt - Red

    The Mitten Shirt

    The Mitten Shirt is a comfy cozy pullover with a twist. Integrated into the end of the sleeves is a mitten. On the back of the wrist you will see that it is seamless from the sleeve right into the mitten. On the palm side of the wrist you will...

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