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  • Eye Shades with Strap to Keep Out the Light for a More Restful Sleep and Increased Relaxation

    Eye Shades with Strap

    Grampa's Garden new and improved Eye Shades help to keep out the light for a more restful sleep and increased relaxation. Great for travel. Made with soft and cozy cottons or satins. Trimmed with piping. 4" x 8.5". Hand washable.

  • Cooling Neck Wrap, Bandana, Headband. Soak in Water, Wring, Snap it for Cooling Relief
Simply Cool Chill Tube can be Worn as a Head Band During Outdoor Games from Grampa's Garden

    Chill Tube

    This unique Simply Cool™ design is versatile enough to wear as a Skull Cap, Head Band,or Neck Wrap. The pliable, cooling fabric is seamless and will keep you cool while you are on the go outside, inside, or anytime you need some extra cool relief...

    MSRP: $20.00
  • Moose Masseuse Moose Masseuse

    Moose Masseuse

    Moose Masseuse comes straight from the Maine woods to warm you on cold nights. Pop him in the microwave and wrap him around your shoulders and he'll instantly become your comforting best friend. He smells like apple pie, too. Brown fur fabric and flannel...

  • Knee Wrap - Doc Merrick's Cool Compression Wrap

    Doc Merrick's Cool Compression Wrap

    Doc Merrick's Cool Compression Wrap is much more than just an ace bandage. It is made from a proprietary cloth that is innovative and GREEN (chemical free). Doc Merrick's Cool Compression Wrap provides effective therapy for sporting and medical...

  • Dolphin Wrap - Weighted and Washable Stuffed Animal Dolphin Wrap - Animal for Kids - Anxiety and Stress Reducers

    Dolphin Wrap

    Our snuggable Dolphin Wrap may just become your new best friend. He wraps quite comfortably around shoulders and neck to help soothe tensions and worries. Makes a great tummy and chest warmer on chilly days. 8" x 22" Fleece top with flannel bottom...

  • Microwave or Freeze Hot Lobsta

    Hot Lobsta

    Microwaveable, Ayuh. No boiling, bake-stuffed, or scampi for me! Heat me up in the microwave and I'll still be yummy on your tummy, sore muscles, or just a warm memory from Maine. Use as a cold pack for those sunburns and pesky bug bites. Head to Tail...

  • Natural Tick Spritz A Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oil by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA
Natural Tick Spritz Apply to Ankles, Wrists and Clothes 2.7 FL OZ by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA

    Natural Tick Spritz

    All Natural Tick Spray - Apply to ankles, wrists and clothes. Our blend of pure plant essential oils will help keep the ticks away all season when used regularly while outdoors.  Size: 2.7 FL. OZ Ingredients:  Distilled water,A proprietary...