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5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Posted by Grampa's Garden on 20th Dec 2019

If you’ve been watching Hallmark this week, you might think holidays are about sleigh rides in the snow or eggnog next to the perfect fire. However, if you’ve left your couch and gone outside, you know there’s a lot more to the holidays!

It’s the week before Christmas, and if you are feeling a bit… overwhelmed, Grampa’s Garden is right there with you. (It’s our busiest time of year, as well.) We all know that stress impacts our physical, as well as our mental health. So, we’re here to remind us all of 5 tips to get through the holidays.

Say No!

We know, easier said than done. But, sometimes we put unreasonable expectations on ourselves during the Holidays. Whether it’s the extra neighborhood block party or the two dozen cookies you’ve been asked to provide for the office, it’s ok to politely decline. “No” is a complete sentence and doesn’t require an explanation. But if you do choose to say, “I’d love to, but my schedule is full at the moment,” not only will others likely understand, they might be envious of your ability to set limits!

Talk to Strangers

Chances are you’ll be in plenty of lines in the next few days. Instead of surfing your phone while waiting, try starting up a conversation with those around you. Not only will it make the time pass faster, but you’ll get that sense of connection that a shared experience can bring. Isolation adds to stress and depression. Talking with others has been shown actually to reduce stress.

Let Someone Else Help

If you haven’t tried the Express Pick Up lines at many of the stores, yet, now is the time! You can make your list and do your shopping from home and have your purchases waiting for you to pick up on your timeline. No jockeying for parking spaces. No walking down crowded aisles grabbing for the last fruitcake. It’s better on your pocketbook, too! The convenience fee you’ll pay is far less than the impulse buys you’re bound to pick up on the way to the register!


It’s well-known that laughter triggers the release of endorphins and decreases the release of cortisol and other stress hormones. Maybe now is not the time to follow wall-to-wall news coverage. If you must surf on your phone, try bookmarking sites with jokes, or clips from your favorite sitcom.

Practice Self Care

We know, that’s a pretty broad statement. We could do (and will) multiple posts on what self-care looks like, and even how Grampa’s Garden has offerings that will help. But for now, practice those things you already know work for you. You can explore new practices in the New Year. For now, don’t neglect what you already know works.

Get sleep. Eat well. Exercise (even a walk around the block counts).

We at Grampa’s Garden wish you all happy and stress-free (ok, who are we kidding, “stress-reduced”) Holidays. Don’t forget…Slo Ho Ho Ho Down. (We just had to fit that in somewhere.)

Happy Holidays,

Grampa's Garden