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Outlet products may have imperfections (factory seconds), though still top-quality.

Note: Currently, Only Weighted products in the Outlet are 'seconds', which may have imperfections. Any non-weighted product are closeouts, not seconds: This is includes the Mitten Shirt and Simply Cool products.

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    The Cool Wrap - 5"x36" The Cool Wrap - 5"x36"

    The Cool Wrap - 5"x36"

    Actual Color is Tan (red is no longer available) Provides cooling relief on hot days! All you need to do is SOAK IT in water, WRING IT, and SNAP IT to activate its unique cooling properties. Wear during or after sports, on hot summer days, to relieve...

    MSRP: $10.00
    Was: $10.00
    Now: $8.00
  • Cooling Neck Wrap, Bandana, Headband. Soak in water, wring, snap it for cooling relief Simply Cool Chill Tube can be worn as a Skull Cap / Bandana

    Chill Tube

    This unique Simply Cool™ design is versatile enough to wear as a Skull Cap, Head Band,or Neck Wrap. The pliable, cooling fabric is seamless and will keep you cool while you are on the go outside, inside, or anytime you need some extra cool relief...