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  • Limited Stock - Cardinal Body Shawl Limited Stock - Cardinal Body Shawl

    Body Shawl - Hot or Cold Therapy

    Wrap yourself in aromatic warmth. Our best selling hot pack. A few minutes in the microwave and your Grampa's Garden Body Shawl can be used for therapy on your back, abdomen, across your shoulders, or to wrap an injured arm or leg. Filled with grains...

    $49.50 - $55.00
  • Hot or Cold Pack for Neck and Shoulders - Black Watch Plaid
Hot or Cold Pack for Neck and Shoulders by Grampa's Garden

    Thera Pac

    Hot therapy packs feel like a warm hug. Based on our customer feedback and market research, the unique design of our Thera Pac conforms easily around the neck, upper shoulders, and upper back. It is lower in the back with channeled construction to keep...

  • Body Blanket

    Body Blanket

    We have been listening! Our customers have asked us for years to make a larger body shawl and we are pleased to bring you our Body Blanket. It measures a generous 56" x 20". Heat in the microwave and cover your full torso and legs for relaxing warmth and...

  • Lumbar Pack is Designed for Use on the Upper, Mid, or Lower Back and Hips - Navy Fabric
Lumbar Pack is Designed for Use on the Upper, Mid, or Lower Back and Hips - Batik Turtle Fabric

    Lumbar Pack

    This all natural pack is designed for use on the upper, mid, or lower back and hips.  Three channels conform to the spine and para-spinal muscles for deep relief from aches and pains. Holds the warmth for up to an hour. Comes with a removable,...

  • Lavender Soft Dot - Spa Perfect Wrap

    Spa Perfect Wrap

    Bigger than a Body Shawl, smaller than a Body Blanket - it's just right! Wrapping fully around shoulders and arms, or back and hips for soothing, warm relief from aches and pains, the new Perfect Wrap measures 20" x 40" and folds up easily to heat in the...

  • Shoulder Wrap - Joint Pack for Hot or Cold Therapy Open Wrap - Joint/Neck Pack for Hot or Cold Therapy

    Joint Neck Pac

    Our most versatile therapeutic pack. This innovative, heatable joint/neck pack attaches with hook-and-loop around your neck, elbow, knee, or lower back to provide hot or cold therapy even when you're on the go.  This pack is designed after the...

  • Eye Sinus Pack - Sleep Mask, Eye Wrap, & Sinus Pac for Headache Relief & Sleep Aid

    Eye Sinus Pac

    When warmed in the microwave our popular eye/sinus pack provides soothing relief from sinus congestion, eye strain, or headache pain. The warmth from the grains and spices opens the sinuses and increases blood flow to the area. May be used as a cold pack...

    $18.50 - $20.50
  • Hand Mitt Protect and Comfort Hands against Cold or Heat - Navy Fabric
Hand Mitt Protect and Comfort Hands against Cold or Heat - Batik Turtle Fabric

    Hand Mitt

    Slip your tired hands into the relaxing warmth of our popular hand mitt. Designed to provide relief from hand and wrist pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and circulatory problems. Grampa's Garden Hand Mitt is well-loved by...

  • Supreme Upper Back and Shoulder Wrap Royal Stewart Flannel Finish
Supreme Upper Back and Shoulder Wrap Solid Flannel Back Finish

    Supreme Back Wrap

    This 4.5 pound upper back and shoulder wrap is densely packed for a heavier, more focused hot or cold therapy. While this product sits nicely upon your upper back and shoulders, it can also be used for a lap warmer.  20.5" x 14"...

  • Oat Metal Blue Hot or Cold Bunny Wraps - Microwave or Freeze Oatmeal Berber & Royal Stewart Plaid Hot or Cold Bunny Wrap - Microwave or Freeze

    Bunny Wrap

    A cuddly, heatable, scented bunny pack for all ages. Snuggle bunny around upper shoulders or place on chest, abdomen, knees, or anywhere that needs some extra TLC. Made with flannel and berber fabrics. 21" long. Scented or unscented available. Please...

  • Spa Body Shawl

    Spa Body Shawl

    Wrap yourself in Aromatic Warmth. This microwavable shawl will conform easily to back, neck and shoulders, or wrap very comfortably around arms or legs. Makes a great bed warmer! This spa Shawl has a removable washable cover and has added lavender and...

  • Reusable Hand Warmer Black Watch Finish by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA
Reusable Hand Warmer Royal Stewart Finish by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA

    Hand Warmers

    Place these handy little hand warmers in your mittens or coat pockets after heating for 20-30 seconds to warm chilly hands and fingers.  Use cold (put them in the freezer for 30 minutes) for eye sinus area, or relief from sunburn and bug bites...

    $14.00 - $15.00
  • Blue Berber Teddy Pack Eyes Opened - Microwavable, Washable Oatmeal Teddy Pack Eyes Opened - Heatable, Washable

    Teddy Pac

    This cuddly, heatable Teddy Pac will soothe your child's aches and pains while providing comfort and warmth for a peaceful night's sleep. Simply warm in the microwave to soothe a tummy ache, or keep in the freezer for those unexpected bumps and bruises...

  • Heatable Nor'easter Scarf Provides Soothing Warmth for up to 30 Minutes after Heating in Microwave.

    Nor'easter Scarf

    Our Nor'easter Scarf will protect you from the cold and chill of nasty weather. Microwave for just 60 seconds and wrap yourself in warmth. Perfect for that early morning walk, the ride to the office on those chilly mornings, or just sitting around the...

  • Microwavable Slipper for Men and Women That Heat your Feet in Seconds by Grampa's Garden - Lavender Soft Dot
Microwavable Slipper for Men and Women That Heat your Feet in Seconds by Grampa's Garden - Black Watch

    Heat Your Feet Slippers

    These innovative slippers are designed to provide total body relaxation when the heat penetrates the reflexology points in your feet. They  provide wonderful relief to people with poor circulation or foot pain. The microwavable inserts are removable...

    $47.00 - $48.00
  • Kitty Kuddles - Kitty, Therapy animals, Foster kittens Kitty Kuddles - Purple with Galaxy Belly and Ears - Kitty, Therapy animals, Foster kittens

    Kitty Kuddles

    Our most popular Soft Comfort animal; Microwave for a hot pack or place in freezer for cold pack. This Kitty snuggles purrfectly around upper back, neck and shoulders, and sits contentedly in a friendly lap. 5" x 21" Cotton and polyester.  Spot...

  • Thera Socks for Relief from Tired, Achy Feet or Chronic Foot Pain by Grampa's Garden


    For relief from tired, achy feet or chronic foot pain, place our soft polar fleece socks in the microwave for 30 seconds. Slip your feet in for soothing warmth up to 20 minutes. Insert pack can be placed on top or bottom of foot as needed. Place inserts...

  • Lavender Soft Dot - Spa Eye Sinus Pac Eye Cover Lavender Soft Dot - Spa Eye Sinus Pac Eye Cover

    Spa Eye Sinus Pac

    You will feel exquisitely pampered when you relax with one of our warm spa eye packs in our extra soft fabrics. A soothing experience for your mind and body. With a removable and washable cover, this pack is filled with our spa scent of lavender and a...

    $20.00 - $22.00
  • Blue Berber Thera Bear Microwavable Brown Thera Bear Weighted Stuffed Animal

    Thera Bear

    A wonderful, heatable, scented teddy bear that anyone will love! Just place the bear's inner belly-pack or the full bear in the microwave for 60 seconds. Thera Bear will provide soothing cuddly warmth to ease chest congestion or ear and tummy aches. This...

    $38.00 - $39.00