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How to Prevent and Alleviate Winter Aches and Pains

How to Prevent and Alleviate Winter Aches and Pains

Posted by Grampa's Garden on 15th Jan 2020

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

If you’re noticing more aches and pains than usual lately, it’s probably not your imagination. Joint pain and body aches are a common complaint during the winter months. And while there is no one answer to the question of why we hurt more in the winter, there are some generally agreed-upon things we can do to help prevent and alleviate winter pain.

Stay Hydrated to Help Prevent and Alleviate Winter Aches and Pains

Stay Hydrated

During the winter, we notice our thirst less than in the warm summer months, so it’s easy to forget to drink water and stay hydrated. When our body can’t flush out all the wastes, we end up more vulnerable to those aches and pains. Drinking water is the obvious way to stay hydrated. But, the myth that the diuretic effect of the caffeine in tea and coffee offsets hydration has been debunked. So, go ahead and warm up and rehydrate with those delicious herbal teas.

Supplement Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to migraines and body aches. The shorter winter with their decreased sunlight can leave many of us depleted of this vital nutrient. However, very few foods are naturally high in Vitamin D, so you might consider adding a supplement during the winter.

Get plenty of sun or supplement vitamin D to help prevent and alleviate winter aches and pains

Get Plenty of Sleep

It probably comes as no surprise that poor quantity and quality of sleep can negatively affect our level of pain, in addition to contributing to other serious conditions such as weakened immunity, memory loss, weight gain, and even heart disease! It’s estimated that as many as forty million people in the United States suffer from chronic sleep disorders. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, Grampa’s Garden will address sleep more thoroughly in a future post!
Stay Warm

In cool weather, our muscles tighten to constrict blood vessels in our extremities to decrease heat loss, leading to sore and achy muscles. Dress in layers and stay active to keep warm. You can also use warming shawls and blankets to stay warm and as a therapy to relieve the aches. Grampa’s Garden has some special body shawls to wrap yourself in aromatic warmth. Check them out with the link below.

Use Natural Pain Gels

If you’re still feeling some aches and pains even after following the tips above, natural soothing gels and rubs can provide warmth and reduce inflammation, offering relief. Grampa’s Garden has many therapeutic products to choose from, including Relieva, which comes as a roll-on and Sombra Gel with both the heating and cooling ingredients of capsaicin, camphor, and menthol. Check out these and other options with the link below.

Stay warm, from all of us here at,

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