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Warm Paws

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warmpaws-225.pngHeated Pet Beds, Pads, Mats and Pillow.

"I saved 2 Chipmunks this past summer using one of the heatpacks. I looked in the pool and saw a chipmunk swimming on its side. I scooped it up and heated up a pack, and put a towel over it. I got my Mom's oxygen hose out the back door and got the chipmunk's body temp up. I really didn't think it was going to survive. While keeping it warm I used the oxygen to get air into it..I kept pressing on its chest, !CLEAR! getting it to sneeze out water. It's eyes started opening up more and reacting to my fingers. The heat pack was the thing that really saved it. I let it stay in the towel and when I looked for it an hour later, it was gone. I just happen to go by the pool again and there was a different one floating in there. So I did the procedure again and it worked. Without the Heat pack it would not have survived. So they save little critters too."

~ Debi Hitter