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Anxiety in the time of COVID-19

Anxiety in the time of COVID-19

Posted by Grampa's Garden on 13th Apr 2020

Grampa’s Garden Wants to Know How You’re Doing?

For many of us it has now been a few weeks, for some even longer, since we first felt the direct impact of the new coronavirus pandemic in our personal lives. Maybe some of the initial anxiety has worn off as you’ve developed routines and coping skills. Or maybe as the days drag into weeks, your anxiety is increasing. Lives have been turned upside down, and the list of things we are finding to be anxious about doesn’t need repeating at this point. We all know what they are.

It is possible that you’ve already read all the posts on developing tools for dealing with the anxiety. But at Grampa’s Garden, because we care about your health and wellness, we do think they bear repeating. Maybe you know this, but hopefully, these reminders will help.

Consume Media Mindfully

Consume Media Mindfully to help minimize anxiety.

Both traditional media and social media have experienced an astronomical increase in traffic in the past month, with viewers taking in millions of hours of content. Remember that the 24-hour news cycle thrives on bad news, and on social media, controversy generates clicks. And this has been both really bad news and controversial. So, choose your sources of information wisely and limit your exposure. Consider setting aside a half an hour or hour to see what has changed since the day before, then shut it off.

Get Support

Get Support for coping with Anxiety

Even the toughest among us struggle in ordinary times. And these are not ordinary times! This is not the time to be “strong” for everyone else. If others are relying on you right now, you might need to get support more than ever! Call your friends. Join an online support group. There are dozens of private groups on Facebook, alone. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has put out an amazing resource guide on where to find low cost and free support groups and online counseling. NAMI Resource Guide.

Accept the Things You Can’t Control and Change the Things You Can

Oh, it’s so cliché, and so much easier said than done! We get it! But clichés got to be that way for a reason — they reflect some pretty universal wisdom. Get out a pen and paper and make a list, a tangible accounting of what goes in each category. You can’t control that you may have lost your job. You can control sitting down and updating your resume. You can’t control that you can’t go visit your friends or family right now. But you can control how you adapt to finding creative ways to connect with them. And while it seems like you can’t control how long this goes on, you actually can – by following guidelines established to get us all back to normal and stay at home.

Let Grampa’s Garden Help

Of course, we want your business. But that’s because we’re in the business of supporting you all year round, not just through this crisis. We have products that we are proud of that can help you manage your anxiety. And we are making them available for a discount. Our Weighted, Washable blankets help calm the nervous system and promote healthy sleep. Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to promote feelings of calm and relaxation and we have different  Roll-On Essential Oil Blends, with lavender being the most common for calming anxiety. Please visit our online store to shop all of our relaxing products:

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