Celebrating 30 Years!

We're celebrating 30 years of manufacturing the best products for comfort & relaxation.

We want to take this time to thank our wonderful customers.

Many of our customers return to buy USA-made home therapy products for their friends and families. 

Soft Comfort Warmers

category-soft-comforts-childrens-therapy-packs.jpgGood for ages 1 to 101. Designed to microwave for a warm pack or freeze for a cold pack! They smell good too, with natural ingredients of cinnamon and clove. We invite you to meet our warm n' cool friends! Thera-Bear, Teddy Pac, Bunny Wrap, Dolphin Wrap, Warm-Me-Turtle, Hot Lobsta, Kitty Kuddles, Puppy Hugs and our Moose Masseuse!

Therapeutic Hot and Cold packs are a natural remedy for joint aches and muscle pain relief for children and adults, including sore joints and inflammation and swelling in the knees, ankles, back and neck. Aromatherapy combined with cold or heat is a natural treatment for headaches, stomach aches, leg pain, and earaches in children. Cold packs reduce muscle and joint inflammation and swelling in the foot, knee, ankle, hands, and wrists.

  • Oat Metal Blue Hot or Cold Bunny Wraps - Microwave or Freeze Oatmeal Berber & Royal Stewart Plaid Hot or Cold Bunny Wrap - Microwave or Freeze

    Bunny Wrap

    A cuddly, heatable, scented bunny pack for all ages. Snuggle bunny around upper shoulders or place on chest, abdomen, knees, or anywhere that needs some extra TLC. Made with flannel and berber fabrics. 21" long. Scented or unscented available.

  • Blue Berber Teddy Pack Eyes Opened - Microwavable, Washable Oatmeal Teddy Pack Eyes Opened - Heatable, Washable

    Teddy Pac

    This cuddly, heatable Teddy Pac will soothe your child's aches and pains while providing comfort and warmth for a peaceful night's sleep. Simply warm in the microwave to soothe a tummy ache, or keep in the freezer for those unexpected bumps and bruises...

  • Kitty Kuddles - Kitty, Therapy animals, Foster kittens Kitty Kuddles - Purple with Galaxy Belly and Ears - Kitty, Therapy animals, Foster kittens

    Kitty Kuddles

    Our most popular Soft Comfort animal; Microwave for a hot pack or place in freezer for cold pack. This Kitty snuggles purrfectly around upper back, neck and shoulders, and sits contentedly in a friendly lap. 5" x 21" Cotton and polyester.  Spot...

  • Blue Berber Thera Bear Microwavable Brown Thera Bear Weighted Stuffed Animal

    Thera Bear

    A wonderful, heatable, scented teddy bear that anyone will love! Just place the bear's inner belly-pack or the full bear in the microwave for 60 seconds. Thera Bear will provide soothing cuddly warmth to ease chest congestion or ear and tummy aches. This...

  • Weighted Puppy Hugs Neck Wrap for Hot or Cold Therapy Brown Microwavable Puppy Hugs for Hot or Cold Therapy

    Puppy Hugs

    This adorable plush puppy heats up in the microwave to provide up to 30 minutes of warmth and coziness. Place Puppy Hugs in the freezer for up to 20 minutes for cool therapy. Black or Brown plush fabric top with multi-dog print fabric on the belly. 5" x...

  • Moose Masseuse Moose Masseuse

    Moose Masseuse

    Moose Masseuse comes straight from the Maine woods to warm you on cold nights. Pop him in the microwave and wrap him around your shoulders and he'll instantly become your comforting best friend. He smells like apple pie, too. Brown fur fabric and flannel...

  • Dolphin Wrap - Weighted and Washable Stuffed Animal Dolphin Wrap - Animal for Kids - Anxiety and Stress Reducers

    Dolphin Wrap

    Our snuggable Dolphin Wrap may just become your new best friend. He wraps quite comfortably around shoulders and neck to help soothe tensions and worries. Makes a great tummy and chest warmer on chilly days. 8" x 22" Fleece top with flannel bottom...

  • Multicolor - Warm-Me-Turtle - Aztec Fleece - Heat Pack

    Warm-Me-Turtle - Aztec Fleece

    A soft turtle-pillow for cuddly warmth and play. The top is a soft fluffy pillow while the bottom acts as a heat pack when warmed in the microwave. Good for chest colds, bumps 'n bruises, or as a soothing friend on a cold winter night. Place...

  • Microwave or Freeze - Hot or Cold Lobster Pack Microwave or Freeze - Hot or Cold Lobster Pack

    Hot Lobsta

    Microwaveable, Ayuh. No boiling, bake-stuffed, or scampi for me! Heat me up in the microwave and I'll still be yummy on your tummy, sore muscles, or just a warm memory from Maine. Use as a cold pack for those sunburns and pesky bug bites. Head to Tail...