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Soft Comfort Warmers

category-soft-comforts-childrens-therapy-packs.jpgGood for ages 1 to 101. Designed to microwave for a warm pack or freeze for a cold pack! They smell good too, with natural ingredients of cinnamon and clove. We invite you to meet our warm n' cool friends! Thera-Bear, Teddy Pac, Bunny Wrap, Dolphin Wrap, Warm-Me-Turtle, Hot Lobsta, Kitty Kuddles, Puppy Hugs and our Moose Masseuse!

Therapeutic Hot and Cold packs are a natural remedy for joint aches and muscle pain relief for children and adults, including sore joints and inflammation and swelling in the knees, ankles, back and neck. Aromatherapy combined with cold or heat is a natural treatment for headaches, stomach aches, leg pain, and earaches in children. Cold packs reduce muscle and joint inflammation and swelling in the foot, knee, ankle, hands, and wrists.