Massage therapy tools and accessories, including back scratchers and massage therapy table headrest covers. Body accessories include eye shades for a good nights rest.

  • Batik Sea Turtle Face Mask Batik Sea Turtle Face Mask with earloop

    Cloth Face Covering Masks

    This two-layered mask has an opening at the bottom to add a filter material if needed. Place the mask snugly around the nose and mouth with folds facing down. Adjust nose piece to fit. Straps are adjustable. Wash in warm water and tumble dry before...

  • Eye Shades with Strap to Keep Out the Light for a More Restful Sleep and Increased Relaxation

    Eye Shades with Strap

    Grampa's Garden new and improved Eye Shades help to keep out the light for a more restful sleep and increased relaxation. Great for travel. Made with soft and cozy cottons or satins. Trimmed with piping. 4" x 8.5". Hand washable.

  • Aroma Rest

    Aroma Rest

    Filled with natural millet and lavender flowers, this light-weight pillow supports your neck while reading, sleeping or traveling. Soft polyester cover is removable and washable. Insert is made of cotton muslin. 13" by 13". Non-heatable. Available...

  • Wrist & Hand Wrap Wrist & Hand Wrap

    Wrist & Hand Wrap

    NEW hand/wrist wrap warm or cool wrap that conforms comfortably around yet leaves ample room for the fingers to continue working if needed. Similar to a wrist brace design but soft and pliable with the ability to heat or cool.  

    $32.00 - $59.00
  • 3D Face Masks 3D Face Masks

    3D Face Masks

    Our new masks feature a comfortable 3D design and comes with adjustable soft elastic earloops.

  • Wicked Joe Organic Fair Trade Smooth, Rich & Earthy Sumatra Medium Roast by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA

    Organic Sumatra Coffee - Wicked Joe

    Rich, earthy, peppery, heavy body, syrupy, dark chocolate finish. Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia known in ancient times as the "Island of Gold", is the sixth largest island in the world, but probably one of the least visited. The Dutch brought...

  • Wicked Joe Organic Fair Trade Smoky Rich & Smooth Wicked French Dark Roast, 12 oz

    Wicked French Organic Coffee - Wicked Joe

    This is the stuff that fueled the resistance! This balanced blend of high grown coffees is roasted to a rich darkness you can taste. Excellent body and intense flavor are highlighted by smoky aromatic undertones developed during the dark French roast. 12...

  • Natural bristle Body Contour Brush

    Body Contour Brush

    This is a natural bristle contour body brush. It has been ergonomically designed for superior massage leverage while bathing. Use it to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. 10'L x 3'W x 1.5'H Recommended to exfoliate the skin and stimulate...