Soothing Spa Warmers

  • Spa Body Shawl Spa Body Shawl

    Spa Body Shawl

    Wrap yourself in Aromatic Warmth. This microwavable shawl will conform easily to back, neck and shoulders, or wrap very comfortably around arms or legs. Makes a great bed warmer! This spa Shawl has a...

  • Spa Eye Sinus Pac

    Spa Eye Sinus Pac

    You will feel exquisitely pampered when you relax with one of our warm spa eye packs in our extra soft fabrics. A soothing experience for your mind and body. With a removable and washable cover, this...

  • Spa Perfect Wrap

    Spa Perfect Wrap

    Bigger than a Body Shawl, smaller than a Body Blanket - it's just right! Wrapping fully around shoulders and arms, or back and hips for soothing, warm relief from aches and pains, the new Perfect...

  • Spa Thera Pac Spa Thera Pac

    Spa Thera Pac

    This pack conforms comfortably to the neck, upper shoulders and back. With removable, washable cover. Use as a hot or cold pack.