Celebrating 30 Years!

We're celebrating 30 years of manufacturing the best products for comfort & relaxation.

We want to take this time to thank our wonderful customers.

Many of our customers return to buy USA-made home therapy products for their friends and families. 

Grampa's Garden

  • Rollerball Essential Oil Blends for Springs and Summer by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine USA Focus Encourages Concentration and Grounding Essential Oil Roller Ball by Grampa's Garden Made in Maine

    Rollerball Essential Oil Blends

    Our essential oil rollerballs are an effective way to apply the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils. FOCUS: Encourages concentration and groundingTo Use: Roll onto ear lobes, chest, feet,...

    $14.00 - $19.00
  • Small Body Shawl in Royal Stewart Plaid Small Body Shawl in Black Watch Plaid

    Small Body Shawl

    Introducing a NEW size of our famous Body Shawl design, with same quilted squares and flexible comfort! At 20” x 16" this mini shawl is the perfect size for the lap, shoulder, chest, and...

  • Springtime Relief Bundle Springtime Relief Bundle

    Springtime Relief Bundle

    Springtime Relief includes our Breathe E-Z Oil, a Breathe EZ Pillow and any of our Eye Sinus Pacs in fun fabulous fabrics. Breathe E-Z OilA Natural decongestant. Filled with Pure Plant essential oils...

  • Supreme Upper Back and Shoulder Wrap Royal Stewart Flannel Finish Supreme Upper Back and Shoulder Wrap Solid Flannel Back Finish

    Supreme Back Wrap

    This 4.5 pound upper back and shoulder wrap is densely packed for a heavier, more focused hot or cold therapy. While this product sits nicely upon your upper back and shoulders, it can also be used...

  • The Ellen Diffuser

    The Ellen

    The ultrasonic power of this faux wood base Ellen diffuser will vaporize your favorite oil singles and blends, sending healthy aromas to every area of the room.   Features rotating color lights...

  • Hot or Cold Pack for Neck and Shoulders - Black Watch Plaid Hot or Cold Pack for Neck and Shoulders by Grampa's Garden

    Thera Pac

    Hot therapy packs feel like a warm hug. Based on our customer feedback and market research, the unique design of our Thera Pac conforms easily around the neck, upper shoulders, and upper back. It is...

  • Thera Socks for Relief from Tired, Achy Feet or Chronic Foot Pain by Grampa's Garden


    For relief from tired, achy feet or chronic foot pain, place our soft polar fleece socks in the microwave for 30 seconds. Slip your feet in for soothing warmth up to 20 minutes. Insert pack can be...

  • Therapeutic Massage Cream and Skin Nourisher Made in Maine - Use for Muscle and Joint Pain Relief by Grampa's Garden Therapeutic Massage Cream and Skin Nourisher Help to Reduce Pain and Tension When Massaged into your Skin

    Therapeutic Massage Cream

    Grampa's Garden massage cream is silky soft with a lovely aroma of juniper, rosemary and lavender. The essential oils may help to reduce pain and tension when massaged into your skin. It comes in a...

    $9.00 - $76.00
  • Therapeutic Massage Oil Muscle and Joint Pain Relief 4 OZ - Made in Maine Therapeutic Massage Oil Provides Effective Therapy to Sore Muscles and Joints while Helping to Reduce Inflammation

    Therapeutic Massage Oil

    Massage therapists love Grampa's Garden Therapeutic Massage Oil. With its blend of pure plant essential oils of juniper, rosemary and lavender, this oil provides effective therapy to sore muscles and...

    $15.00 - $63.00